We welcome Dutch Florist as a sales partner!

We are looking for passionate professionals with a high end flowershop who enjoy working with our superbe quality Red Naomi roses and willing to deliver them personally deliver them with a personal touch to our clients’ homes or companies.

Delivery of the roses

Porta Nova uses its own delivery service. The roses are delivered directly from the nursery.

  • Red Naomi is the rose with a perfect red color that features a smooth, velvety shade. She is the only large flower-head red rose with a subtle scent, so lovely that it will pamper your senses.

  • Red Naomi Roses are available all year round and are available in different stem lengths, from 40cm to 90cm! In general one can say that the longer the stem, the larger the flower.

  • We are so focussed on our quality that we are confident to give you a quality guarantee as our Red Naomi roses always perform.

Low footprint

We are the most sustainable rose nursery in the world with a very low carbon footprint.
This is achieved by continuing to innovate and our love for the roses.

LED Lightning

With LED light, you can determine exactly which colors/radiation you use. We have found the ultimate spectrum for our roses last year and completed installing 100% FULL LED in all our greenhouses in September 2023..

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Climator System

With our unique ‘Climator System’ in which we store heat from the summer underground and use it for heating in the winter,we will be able to grow top-quality roses with a lot less energy!

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Because of our love for roses, Porta Nova works close together with universities, researchers from Floralife & Chrysal and trade partners to continuously improve quality and reduce our footprint even further.

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