Porta Nova works close together with Universities, researchers from Floralife & Chrysal and trade partners to constantly keep improving quality. But of course in the end it is up to the traders and florist to also create the optimum cercomstances during transport and in the shops, to let our roses reach their full potential at the consumer.

To us it has become very clear that if we work together as a chain by setting up close cooperations and keep making small improvements together we will improve results for everyone. Do contact us if you are interested in learning more or setup an improvement program!

As Porta Nova we are the biggest grower in the world of Red Naomi roses with best quality and largest bud size. We are so focussed on our quality that we are confident to give you a quality guarantee as our Red Naomi roses always perform. And if you creating floral designs for weddings, partys, funerals or during important occasion like Valentines and International Womans Day, you need to be able to count on us for 100%.