About Red Naomi

She is the only large-flowered red rose with a subtle fragrance that stimulates your senses. No other red rose on the market has more petals than Red Naomi!!

She has it all: long stems, excellent transport properties, an exceptionally long vase life.

If you are looking for a red rose with an excellent head-size, she has what you need, by stretch of the imagination. Her large red, dense and lightly fragrant petals will leave you rosy for over a fortnight. Another benefits of working with Red Naomi roses is that they have relatively few thorns compared with other red roses.

Red Naomi Roses are grown by some of the top quality Dutch rose growers. They are available all year round and are available in different stem lengths, from 40cm to 90cm. In general one can say that the longer the stem, the larger the flower.
Because of the large flower head, luxurious look & feel and unique perfume Red Naomi roses are popular with celebrities and top floral designers.

As Porta Nova we are the biggest grower in the world of Red Naomi roses with best quality and largest bud size. We are so focussed on our quality that we are confident to give you a quality guarantee as our Red Naomi roses always perform. And if you creating floral designs for weddings, partys, funerals or during important occasion like Valentines and International Womans Day, you need to be able to count on us for 100%.