We are looking for Florist partners in the Netherlands

We are looking for passionate professionals with a beautiful store who enjoy working with our high-quality roses and who can personally deliver them to consumers' homes or companies.

At Porta Nova we appreciate the craftsmanship of florists and the personal contact you have with consumers. The increasing competition from supermarkets, which increasingly focus on si mple flower arrangements with price-driven products, undermines both your and our position in the market.

We would like to join the battle with you to deliver top quality roses, combined with your craftsmanship, to consumers.

We have extensive knowledge of growing top quality Red Naomi Roses and are able to supply them with a 14-day vase life guarantee.

Internationally, we have been working with the best florists for years to gain inspiration and are active on social media. We believe that our luxury Porta Nova roses can develop into a truly luxury consumer brand.

That is why we have developed a consumer website that focuses purely on product support and sales of Porta Nova red roses with 'Everlasting Quality', to which we link social media and AdWords campaigns and consumer promotions.

We would like to have orders that we receive online made by you as florists and personally delivered to customers. Naturally, we will apply a fair distribution of income.

Benefits for the Florist:
  • Extra turnover without extra sales effort
  • Customer loyalty with new potential repeat customers in your region
  • Possibility to purchase roses directly from us without intermediaries when we come by.

If this suits you as a florist and you are interested in establishing a closer relationship with us, we would like to hear from you.

In addition, it is important to know that Porta Nova grows roses with the lowest CO2 footprint in the industry. Thanks to the installations of the 'Climators', private power line and LED lighting, we can grow perfect roses without using fossil fuels. Moreover, we can choose 100% wind energy as our source.

079-760 00 53

We hope to hear from you!